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With over 20 years in the business we can help you to get the most out of your home improvement budget specialising in new, tiled roofs, rubber roofs and new UPVC fascia, soffits and guttering...

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When you submit a listing for inclusion, you agree to abide by the following policies. Failure to understand and follow these instructions may result in the rejection or removal of your listing. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your site conforms to these guidelines. Sites not meeting these criteria may be removed without notice and in the case of paid submission where these terms have clearly not been followed, refunds will only be offered on a discretionary basis. .


Websites that promote or contain the following types of content will not be accepted under any circumstances; Furthermore, sites that are found to actively link to third-party sites with such content will also be rejected:
  • Adult / Pornography / Nudity / Escort Services / Indecent Activity
  • Hate / Crime / Violence
  • Counterfeit / Replica goods
  • Anti-religions / anti-Semitic
  • Pyramid / Ponzi schemes
  • Narcotics / Drug Paraphernalia
  • Copyright Infringement / Warez / Torrent
  • Essay, Dissertation, Thesis, and Coursework writing services
  • Gambling / Betting / Casino / Paid Gaming
  • Hunting (except Fishing) / Poaching Shooting / Trapping
  • Guns / Knives / Weapons
Should payment have been made for the review of any submissions contained within the subject areas listed above, we reserve the right NOT to offer any refunds whatsoever. Any refunds that may or may not be offered are made at our sole discretion and are non-negotiable.

In addition, due to additional checks we make to protect our visitors, we will only accept the following as paid submissions:
  • Loans / Credit Cards / Mortgage
  • Pharmaceutical / Pills / Supplements (except supplies to the medical industry)
Any site that is found to infringe on, or violate a person's rights, or contain material that promotes/disseminates illegal activities will be reported to relevant authorities.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that the content and activities on your site are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

To the extent that pharmaceuticals and/or medical devices are offered or promoted on your site, you certify that you are a licensed health care provider or other entity authorised to prescribe, distribute or otherwise deal in such products in the jurisdictions in which they are sold.

Site Availability

We regularly check the availability of listed URL's and as such, sites that are constantly off-line or in an unfinished state may, at our discretion, be temporarily disabled or removed completely from our database and search results. This is done to ensure accurate and reliable results when a user searches our site, as well as protect Page Rank and SERPS placements for both your site and ours. If you expect your site to be off-line for a considerable amount of time, please contact us and we will suspend your site from our listing until you advise us otherwise. Paid submissions will only ever be suspended and can be reactivated at any time by request. However, we will endeavour to contact the submitter of these listings well before any suspension occurs.

Submission Information

Please ensure any information you enter into the submission form is complete and accurate. We will endeavour to correct submission errors for paid listings, but free listings will be rejected if too many errors are evident. Although we do our best to check all submissions, we cannot be held responsible for errors in listings that were made when the form was completed.
  • TITLE : Must be short and concise. For free submissions, this MUST be your official website or business name.
  • URL : For Free listings, this must be a generic (gTLD) or country (cTLD) top-level domain. The only exception to this is for pages that specifically for English language versions. For Paid submissions, sub-level domains and pages are allowable.
  • DESCRIPTION : Your site description should be accurate and concise with no false claims. For example, if you state "We are the cheapest available", then you should make sure you are.Although not prohibited by us, you should try to avoid quoting prices in your description as your listing would no longer be accurate if your prices change. We reserve the right to remove or disable your submission if it is found that your prices are out of date. While we do accept foreign language submissions, these MUST be be placed in the correct regional category.
  • META INFORMATION : When setting custom meta-tags and meta-description, please be aware that these just as important as you main site description.
  • CATEGORY PLACEMENT : You must select the category that most closely represents the subject matter of your website. We do add and amend categories on a regular basis. However, free submissions that have clearly made no effort to locate an appropriate category may be rejected (For example, if a Real Estate site has been place in an Automotive category). disable your submission if it is found that your prices are out of date. Foreign language submissions, MUST be be placed in the correct regional category
  • EMAIL : Your email address must be live and monitored. Upon submission we send you an email that with a link that must be clicked to confirm your listing. Unconfirmed listings will not be accepted and are automatically removed without ever being seen.

Redirection, Rotation & Cloaking

We currently do not accept free submissions that cloak URLs or utilise a general redirection or rotation service. This includes:
  • URL shortening and Redirection Services
  • Masking or cloaking of destination
The above services are allowable for paid submissions, providing that the description supplied represents the page or site that is finally opened.

Location and Regional blocking

We do not accept free submissions that utilise location or region blocking. This includes websites using services that block IP ranges from websites based solely upon their location.

Our directory is a a worldwide general resource and listings in our directory must be available to as wide an audience as possible.

Additionally, when you make a submission, we need to verify your website submission is valid and genuine and contains content that is suitable for a general family audience. If we are unable to access your site due to permissions based errors, or our location and / or IP being blocked, we will be unable to verify your submission and it will not be accepted.

For us to check the validity of your submission, we must be able to access your website's content simply by visiting the URL in a web-browser. We will not complete codes, questions or captchas in order to simply visit and verify a website.

Affiliate / Referral URLS

Affiliate URL's are accepted as paid submissions only.

Submission Removal or Alterations

If you are a registered user, you can remove your submissions at any time by simply logging onto your account and choosing the 'EDIT' button that will be shown with your listings. There you will find options to remove or change your entry. Any changes will be submitted to administrators for re-approval.

When you wish to submit a listing to us, we highly recommend you register before doing so. This will enable you to edit your listing at any time in the future and also mark your listing for permanent removal if you so wish. You should also understand that requesting listing removals by ANY other means may take up to 60 days. There is no need to issue repeated requests, as providing your request comes from a verifiable souce that identifies you as the listing owner, all request will be acted upon in the order they are received. There is no need to issue repeat requests, as this will simply place your request at the bottom of the queue.

We do NOT, under ANY circumstances, accept requests for removal of links via our contact form, due to the high amount of non-authorised removal requests that we have received from business competitors. Any removal requests MUST either be requested from the email used at the time of submission, an email from the SAME domain as the submitted website, or via the submit form removal option. In the case of paid submissions, contact from the original paying email address will also suffice.

If you remove a paid submission, we cannot offer any refunds, unless a genuine error has occurred. We may, at our sole discretion, offer you a refund or the opportunity to submit a new listing for free.
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